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Frequently Asked Questions

Can children/youth sign up for adult courses?

Children learn differently compared to adults, as well how to interact, respond to instruction and physically move. Because of this we try to keep our adult classes 15+. Youth courses for ages 9-14yrs old are available in Elkwater, AB and Private Lessons are available for all ages. 


Are e-bikes permitted?

At this time E-bikes (Class 1 pedal assist only) are permitted on the trails around Medicine Hat. E-bikes are allowed in all our courses as long as they are designed for mountain use (no city bikes or hybrids). Please let us know if you are bringing an E-bike to one of our programs so we can plan accordingly. 


What should I bring?

  • Your bike

  • Helmet

  • Small backpack

  • Water

  • Tire levers

  • Multi-tool

  • Spare tube

  • Small pump

  • Appropriate clothing according to the weather 

  • Snacks/your lunch


Where do we meet? 

Approximately one week before your session you will receive an email detailing what needs to be brought and where to meet for your class. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations more than one week before the start of the class will receive a 90% refund. Cancellation within one week of the start of the class will not be refunded. If Sharp MTB Skills needs to reschedule due to weather our best effort will be made to find a new date. If no new dates are possible we offer a full refund.


Will Sharp MTB Skills cancel a program?

In the event of low registration for a specific course (fewer than 2 participants) we may modify the program as fewer registrants means we can provide the same amount of material in a shorter time period. Participants will be notified ahead of the start of their first session if any modifications are being made to their program. 

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