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Weekend - Intermediate

Join us to improve your control and confidence on the trails! Learn techniques for technical climbing, descending steeper terrain, wheel lifts and cornering. We'll practice our skills on a field in the morning then take it to the trail for the afternoon! Participants should have at least 1 season of mountain biking under their belt and be able to ride 2-2.5hours.

Skills we’ll practice:

  • Descending steeper terrain

  • Braking

  • Technical climbing

  • Rolling lunges

  • Cornering

  • Lifting your wheels over obstacles

Each day this course will start with a field session in the morning and we’ll take our new skills to the trail in the afternoon!

Ratio: 6 riders per instructor

Minimum recommended fitness levels (see Fitness & Skills Ratings page HERE)

   Skill - 3

   Fitness - 2

Dates Available
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